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Cards by -Estonian Telephone- 1993
Magnetic stripe cards by -Estonian Telephone- 1994-95
Chipcards by -Estonian Telephone- 1995-96
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Cards by -Estonian Telephone- 1998
Cards by -Estonian Telephone- 1999
Overprinted cards
Cards by Olympia Hotel
Cards by Viru Hotel
Cards by Seva-R
Cards by T-Telefon
Mobile phone cards by EMT
Mobile phone cards by Radiolinja
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Phonecard catalogue of Kookon (Cocoon) is a try to concentrate every possible information about phonecards of Estonian Republic into one place, describe known variations and give information about print run, designers, prices etc. In a word, Kookon tries to help collectors of phonecards but also anybody who might have some interest about that topic.

If you know some information, not described here, unknown variations of cards or whatever interesting and useful, please let us know. Any ideas how to build this site to look better-faster-easier are welcomed too.

Describing known variations, Kookon tries to use only confirmed information. Still, due to a real mess with early card-issues, contradictoriness of different sources and refractoriness of some officials, it wasn't always possible. Here's the place where I have to say: Kookon isn't involved with any of these companies, any opinions or points of view are strictly Kookon's own and have nothing to do with official standpoints of companies ("Estonian Telephone", Olympia Hotel, Viru Hotel, Seva-R, T-Telefon, mobile phone companies etc).

Kookon is designed as simple as possible - without frames, Java or any other "modern tricks". I tested Kookon with two well-known browsers (MS IE and Netscape Communicator) and at least on 800x600 screen it looks pretty normal.

How to use Kookon? Left is a blue column with white boxes, clicking these boxes will send you to the pages of wanted companies. In addition the cards by "Estonian Telephone" (those mysterious "E.T."-s) are divided by years. Also you can go to the startpage of Kookon by clicking on the top left box.

When you had landed on the page of selected company you'll see a table of phonecards. Clicking on the catalogue numbers (like ET0060 or VI 01 etc) or images of card will send you to chosen card's personal page. There you will find a bigger picture of card's avers and revers, known variations and any other possible information.

We'd added a buying-selling-swapping page to Kookon as a new possibility. If you're looking some card or otherwise, you have something to offer, please be sure to contact us and send us a note about your offering (what do you have/want, do you want to sell/buy or swap) and we'll trying to do our best to help you.

This World of Phonecards site owned by Raigo Kirss.
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